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At The Pentagon, we believe in providing a home away from home for our children and families, where relationships are at the heart of our day to day practice. We value parents as central to a child’ s world and place a high priority on parents and family being part of centre life and their child’s learning journey with us. We consider our centre a greater extension of our local Tamahere, Cambridge, Hamilton, and wider Waikato communities. The Pentagon is committed to creating a family-friendly learning culture, where we all have something of value to contribute.

We believe in working in partnership together to build a feeling of community, which provides all our children, families and teaching teams with a strong sense of belonging and where they feel they have a place. For us, early learning and childcare across the Waikato is integral to the community. We see shared experiences and events both in the centre and out in the community as a way to strengthen this.

We believe that our children learn through their play. Our curriculum and teaching approaches support a child-guided, inquiry based learning journey. We believe in capitalising on teachable moments as they emerge and providing provocation within our environments to encourage children to engage in the daily curriculum

We are committed to providing our children with a connection to nature, where they can explore, discover, and create in our backyard spaces. We believe that the natural landscapes surrounding us provide endless opportunities and enrichment for children to engage in meaningful and purposeful play. Our immediate backyards have been designed to invite exploration and play, nurture curiosity, stimulate the senses, and challenge our physical abilities. Our wider backyard is even bigger! This is where we pick homegrown fruit and vegetables, visit the sheep, and explore more of our natural surroundings! The Waikato is a beautiful place to be, we have ensured that we have incorporated this outdoor sense to The Pentagon.

Our team is committed to using a range of teaching approaches which ensure children are supported in becoming self-aware, take risks, and understand their capabilities and strengths. We value the range of opportunities the natural world and skilled teaching practices create for children to grow into responsible adventurers. We value children being able to take ownership of their learning.

We believe our daily interactions should acknowledge children as individuals, and teaching practices will demonstrate a high level of responsiveness, patience, respect and good professional judgement. We feel that children learn best in an environment where they are acknowledged as capable and confident individuals with their own baskets of skills and knowledge to share.

At The Pentagon, we believe we have a shared responsibility to ensure our learners are ready for the world beyond our walls, and have the skills, knowledge, attitude and resilience to be successful in wherever life takes them. It is our belief that the children who come to the Pentagon for childcare and early learning will in the future enrich the Tamahere, Matangi, Hamilton and Cambridge communities. They are after all our future.

Opening hours

We are open for your convenience from 7am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.
We offer a variety of enrolment options for our families, including a half day, a short 6.5 hour day, a full day up to 8.5 hours, and an extended day 8.5+ hours. We are open throughout the year, only closing for statutory holidays.

20 hours

We offer 20 hours ECE for our 3 and 4 year olds. To be eligible you must complete a 20 Hours ECE Attestation form.


We have our own centre chef who creates homemade, wholesome meals for all our children. From breakfast in the morning, followed by a mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack to keep our tummies happy until dinner time.

Please make any individual dietary requirements known to the office during enrollment so we can accommodate your needs.

We also provide nappies and wipes.

A note from the Centre Owners

"When we really thought about what we wanted in our centre, the ability for children to play and be immersed in nature, to be children, and to have an authentic childhood is what it all came down to.

We didn’t just want another child care centre, but rather a community that will be an extension of the children’s homes and families. We want to provide a warm and inviting environment where children are respected and nurtured, a modern yet homely space with natural surroundings.... a home away from home.

We want our centre to embrace the natural way children learn, through child guided, responsive, nature based learning. That is why we love our special location, because it allows children time and space to take risks, problem solve, explore, and make discoveries.

We can’t wait to share our place with you!“ - Jonathan and Tracey Quigley

Tracey & Jonathan - Centre Owners

Jonathan and I live locally in Tamahere with our two girls. Jonathan manages our building company, Precision Built, and specialises in building lifestyle homes. He takes pride in working alongside his clients to bring their dream to life. I’m a qualified and registered ECE teacher. I am passionate about providing children with an authentic early childhood experience. We are excited to create this special home away from home, where partnerships with our families are valued and seen as crucial in providing quality care and education for our children. Pop in and see us, we can’t wait to share our place with you.

Sheryl - Centre Administrator

Our administrator is the welcoming face that greets you when you arrive in our centre. She is the go-to person for all your invoicing and enrolment requirements. So, if you have a child from Hamilton, Cambridge or Tamahere that wants to join our excellent childcare and early learning services, then this is the warm face that will welcome you.